Methodologies for Rapid Software Development

The objective of the course is to enable students to apply methods and tools for agile software system development and conduct a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages when compared with the traditional approach. Fundamentals of modeling and realization of the generator code and applications.

Approaches to agile software development. Methods and techniques of agile software development. Tools for agile software development. Code generators. The revision of the methodological approaches to software development (the relationship between the agile and traditional methods). The prototypical software development. Model driven architecture. Standardization of the functional and visual features of typical software systems and the design of software tools for design template generation.

Tools used:

  • No Magic MagicDraw 18
  • Eclipse
  • Dresden OCL
  • AspectJ
  • Freemarker
  • RDBMS of choice
  • Git

Use of alternative tools is also possible after consulting with the teaching staff.

Example student project

Student project video

Spinoff project

KROKI started as a student project on this course.