4th Workshop on Model Driven Approaches in System Development (MDASD 2016)


For many years, various approaches in system design and implementation differentiate between the specifica- tion of the system and its implementation on a particular platform. People in software industry have been using models for a precise description of systems at the appro- priate abstraction level without unnecessary details. Model-Driven (MD) approaches to the system develop- ment increase the importance and power of models by shifting the focus from programming to modeling activi- ties. Models may be used as primary artifacts in con- structing software, which means that software compo- nents are generated from models. Software development tools need to automate as many as possible tasks of model construction and transformation requiring the smallest amount of human interaction.

A goal of the proposed workshop is to bring together people working on MD languages, techniques and tools, as well as Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and applying them in the requirements engineering, infor- mation system and application development, databases, and related areas, so that they can exchange their experience, create new ideas, evaluate and improve MD approaches and spread its use. The intention is to target an interdisciplinary nature of MD approaches in software engineering, as well as research topics expressed by but not limited to acronyms such as Model Driven Software Engineering (MDSE), Model Driven Software Develop- ment (MDSD), Domain Specific Modeling (DSM), and OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

1st Workshop on MDASD was organized in the scope of ADBIS 2010 Conference, held in Novi Sad, Serbia. From 2012, MDASD becomes a regular bi-annual FedCSIS event.